Why work with us? 2018-01-11T16:44:06+00:00

These are the key elements and values that make us different from the rest, and we believe in such differences lies the very essence of what we are:

Beyond the traditional

Our strategy reflected in Knowledge, Technology and Data turns us into a company that goes beyond the traditional services and strategies.

Forward-looking company

Belonging to Veolia’s Group and being aware of the great potential as a company blesses us with a promising future, working with great sacrifice and humbleness as we have done since the beginning.

Global & International reach

Our presence in numerous European countries (and worldwide via Veolia) generates a global focus, where we can apply the learning in advanced markets to those that are still under development.

Clients & Portfolio

Clients are the warranty of our effort and quality of service, being the portfolio the living proof of it.


It is without a doubt, what has to transform Magnus into a global company with services of great efficiency and haste to our Clients. It is the main channel to spread information and knowledge.


Not depending on any agent to take our decisions makes us honest and transparent, respecting our values as a company and transferring this to the relations with our Clients.

Long-term commitment

The energy purchasing process does not happen overnight, it is a yearly project that implies a long term relationship with our Clients to adapt their needs to the markets and create a customized strategy to meet their needs.

Highly innovative

Our commitment is to always be “one step ahead from the rest”. To stop and not doing new things is equal to diminish our value generation and step back in our project as a company.