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Through the telemetering service, Magnus has Access to the electronic meter of each CUPS of consumption. With this information, our Clients can:

  • Stay up to date on the changes in energy consumption patterns and the events that may affect such patterns.
  • Have the data for further review of contracted capacity, hence acting on the regulated costs of their bills.
  • Be able to Access the pre-billing service, which will allow to provision the energy costs to the financial department several weeks ahead of time.
  • Monitor actions or efficiency continuous improvement projects, getting access to data management analytical tools.


Gas and electricity contract negotiation is an important highlight of the service. Absolutely independent from any energy Company in the sector, Magnus gives assessment and covers the Client through the tendering process.  With this, we ensure the main 4 targets:

  • Getting the maximum profit out of the best market situation.
  • Diminishing the operational risk, turning the process into something direct and agile.
  • Ensure the exhaustive traceability of all actions and decisions made.
  • Obtaining the best offers in the market from the energy suppliers.

Every phase of  the process and deliveries are recorded:

  • Starting situation and tender objectives.
  • Specifications (products, periods, services, etc).
  • Rules of evaluation for every offer (qualitative and quantitative).
  • Results of the negotiation.
  • Analysis and filtering of the invited suppliers.


The next step, once the contracts , is to pull off the purchase strategies through the different products and markets. Taking into account indicators, references, budgets, limits and targets Magnus will constantly give assessment , so that no opportunity or Market risk may go unnoticed. This way, the adequate decisions can be taken, in terms of hedging other financial products.

The Client has immediate visibility on the effects that the market and the taken decisions are producing in their energy cost. This enables an easier control of the process and secures an active management of their prices.



The daily update of market indicators, negotiated contracts, operated hedges, regulated costs and consumption allow Magnus to monitor and reflect the energetic costs of our Clients in terms of a final bill. This not only allows us to have extended detail on our future costs  but the possibility of measuring risk and market changes, both in regulation or consumption matters.

Magnus Commodities has a platform able to give daily and updated information when it comes to energy management, defined strategy, type of contract, agreed terms of pricing, quotations of different European markets, financial risk, budgets and control of consumption and invoices. It is a platform able to adapt to every single Client, so they can obtain all necessary relevant information to make the right decisions every day.


Financial reports are key to deliver customized information on every point of supply. The process is designed to answer the needs of different hierarchic levels in the purchase department structure (Direction, Management, Technical experts)

This reporting service gives the purchasing managers the chance to obtain all the information related to the points of supply in an organized and updated format.



For many procurement departments , budgeting the future cost of energy can be a tedious task and complex to execute. With our help, as well as with our methodology of expenses forecast, this task will turn into and objective and reliable one, providing the financial departments with valuable information on their future liquidity needs, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Invoice control is the last step, which will allow us to make sure that all of the strategies and decisions were executed with accuracy. Regulatory changes, sophisticated products and the substantial stream of data usually leads to errors when it comes to the invoice generation. Through our controlling and invoice experts, we review and reclaim every single anomaly we may encounter.