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2706, 2023

A Practical Guide to EECs, the certificates that will monetize efficiency projects.

By | June 27th, 2023|Categories: Electricity Markets, Energy Markets, Energy Policies|

The challenge of the "Fit for 55" package is not only one of decarbonization, but also of energy saving, and one of the principles of the Fit for 55 is energy efficiency.  The National Energy Efficiency Fund (FNEE), established by Law 18/2014, aims to finance national [...]

2606, 2023

Introduction to the reform of the Chinese electricity market

By | June 26th, 2023|Categories: Electricity Markets, Energy Markets, Energy Policies|Tags: , , |

  This small document aims to give a quick overview of the largest electricity market in the world, its challenges and needs in the coming years. The Chinese electricity system has an electricity production of 8 849 terawatt-hours (TWh) in 2022, surpassing the combined annual generation [...]

506, 2023

LEDS: will they support renewables take flight?

By | June 5th, 2023|Categories: Electricity Markets, Energy Markets, Energy Policies, Gas, Oil|Tags: , , |

Almost all of us know the legend of Daedalus and Icarus. To escape from Crete Daedalus built two pairs of wings by tying feathers together with twine and using wax to fasten them to their bases. The wings worked, and the two left the island in [...]

1305, 2023

Shifting toward LNG

By | May 13th, 2023|Categories: Electricity Markets, Energy Markets, Energy Policies, Gas|Tags: , , |

The worldwide natural gas market experienced a significant upheaval in 2022 when Russia drastically reduced pipeline deliveries to Europe. This created exceptional pressure on supply and led to a global energy crisis. However, Europe managed to surpass historical storage averages in their underground gas reserves due [...]

2604, 2023

Green energy subsidies: EU vs. US battle

By | April 26th, 2023|Categories: Energy Markets, Energy Policies, Featured, Italy, Portugal, Spain|Tags: , , |

If the European Union has drawn a clear conclusion from the energy crisis derived from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it has been to accelerate the energy transition in order to reduce its dependence on energy sources from third countries, and not to repeat scenarios of high prices [...]

2104, 2023

The end of combustion – Electric vehicles 2035

By | April 21st, 2023|Categories: Energy Policies, Featured, Italy, M·Blog, Portugal, Spain|Tags: , , |

Introduction Growing concern for the environment and the need to reduce emissions of polluting gases has led to an increase in the demand for electric vehicles. These vehicles are a priority for governments and the transportation industry worldwide, as they can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. [...]