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Magnus Commodities was founded with the commitment to explain the functioning of the Energy Markets to the consumers, all this in a simple way, with the aim to erase the myth that purchasing Energy is an impossible task, something complex out of reach.

Due to the great work of Magnus professionals and the fortune to count with brilliant customers (the largest consumers of the countries in which we operate), we achieved a knowledge-base of essential prominence to understand how different energy market’s agents behave: Regulatory Authorities, Market & Network Operators, Generators, Distributors, and especially, Gas & Power supplier companies. All of this knowledge we have, which lies within each and every of our experts in Magnus, is transferred to our clients, following our motto to “make easy the difficult”, so that they understand why things happen and the direct impact of Economy and Politics in the final prices they pay in a monthly basis.

We are a team of people who work coordinately, where there is no opinion more important than any other, everyone shares their opinion and the decision-making process relies on a consensus where everybody participates. This philosophy is particularly important when it comes to obtain a market view to tell our clients. 1 person 1 vote, drawing the common stance of Magnus.

We are extremely proud of the way the company evolved since it fall began. Nonetheless, we always believe that “it is not enough”, we are highly self-demanding with what we do, the way we do it and whether all this leads the client towards the best decision-making process when purchasing their energy. We steadfastly believe there is no better way to purchase Energy, but every Company must choose the way that really suits their DNA in the long run.

From here we are well aware that nobody can divine the Future, and we do not try to do that either. But that never meant our Clients cannot take the best calls based on several of our elements, bearing in mind not only what we already know, but what may happen befall tomorrow.